Choklit Park

Choklit Park is built for the connoisseur. As legacy curators, we don’t produce our own cannabis. Why? Because we like to leave the masters to their craft. Our mission is simple: to bring you premium cannabis genetics and products through partnerships with B.C.’s top growers. With every strain drop, we pair West Coast’s best craft cannabis with a collection of merchandise capsules designed by some of Vancouver’s dopest creatives. Community and collaboration are the key to showcasing the cannabis quality B.C. is known for.

⁠So, why Choklit Park? Well, Built in Vancouver, BC at the end of the summer in 1970, Choklit Park (yes, its real!) soon became a huge draw for cannabis enthusiasts due to its idyllic location and city views. What better way to pay homage to our hometown?

This is our ode to the legendary park.⁠ Join us on our journey as we give Canada a tour of Choklit Park.

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Vancouver, BC Canada

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