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Sparked by a deep love for fine dining and a strong appreciation for craft cannabis, Farm and Florist embarked on the journey to creating Canada’s first line of culinary infusions. Using only top-tier cannabis for extraction, we recognize that the quality of our distillate, oils, and honey are integral to the overall taste of our products. The result: Delicious infusions that add decadence to any meal.

Our chefs are continuously inspired by fresh local ingredients and the unique experience of cannabis ingestion. Clean of cannabis smell and taste, our collection is crafted to highlight the pure flavours of our oils, honey and cooking products. We see cannabis as a therapeutic treatment, a social stimulant, and the perfect medium for us to blend farm fresh ingredients with natural plant medicine.
Our small-batch infusions are created with the utmost care in order to maintain the plant’s full integrity. You can feel and taste the difference.

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Vancouver, BC Canada

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