West Blvd.

A Creative


of Brands.


Deep west coast roots: Vancouver born and built. We have witnessed the impact that British Columbia has had on the global cannabis industry. Our main objective is to re-envision cannabis brands and showcase a fresh perspective to the ancient plant.

From innovative product ideas to unique and engaging educational marketing, West Blvd believes that British Columbia is the foundation of craft cannabis in Canada, and it is our collective goal to preserve its integrity and reputation.

Classic cannabis in the present age built by a team with real cannabis experience. We craft forward thinking consumer brands designed for the connoisseurs, the epicureans, the raconteurs, and the pioneers. (Pending License by Health Canada.)

What we do


Cannabis has come a long way, but there’s still work to be done to achieve meaningful diversity and representation. Our goal is to create a workplace culture that embodies leadership, accountability, collaboration, and integrity.


Products. People. Purpose. Our goal is forward-facing. We work hard anticipating needs for the future.


We get it, things change: the rules, your lifestyle. West Blvd is continuously adapting and improving with the changing tides to ensure we’re bringing quality and consistency in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.


It’s integral for everyone at West Blvd to wholeheartedly believe in the company vision and to showcase their passion in what they do.


A collection of Journal entries that aim to educate the community on the latest research, news and trends in the cannabis industry.

Let’s Connect

Are you producing your own high end edibles? Cultivating exotic strains? Collaborating with cannabis thought leaders? Or preparing to launch a cannabis product? We want to hear about it. We are not a cookie cutter company, and neither are the brands we partner with.